Are you using a Massage Gun correctly?

Are you using a Massage Gun correctly?

Are you using a Massage Gun correctly?

The Massage Gun is popular not only in sports circles, but even among working people.

Firstly, Massage Gun plays a great role in sports relaxation. Although it seems very simple to use Massage Gun, it is enough to hit the body and muscles. However, this is not the case. There are a lot of cautions for the use of a Massage Gun, and sometimes improper use can even be dangerous.

01 Contraindication of Massage Gun use

Don't impact the joint

Joints of the body are important and sensitive parts. Massage Gun is mainly used to relax muscles and soft tissues. It has no effect when used to hit joints and is easy to cause joint damage.

Does not apply to certain parts

Head, the place with thinner muscle and armpit, lower abdomen, the place of vital organ and aorta waist fossa, neck and so on. These locations are not suitable for Massage Gun impact.

It's not that the longer and the stronger the better

It is advisable to use the same part for 3-5 minutes, and walk in different positions according to muscle texture. Generally, there is no need to apply external pressure too much, and the feeling of pain should be kept at 6-8 points.

Use a good Massage Gun

Currently, there are many imitation, remodeled and even copycat Massage guns in the Massage Gun market, which are all poorly manufactured. Because of its vibration frequency and lack of protective mechanism, it can easily cause damage, even cardiac arrest and shock. There are some because of the use of inferior motor, battery explosion and other use hazards.

Follow the guidance of a professional

People who have a medical condition or have a history of injury should consult a doctor, therapist or coach.

02 Not suitable for body parts impacted by Legiral Massage Gun

The head

The head contains the five senses and the brain, as well as various points, which are crunchy and sensitive, and it's a vital part of the body. So, no Legiral Massage Gun blows to the head.

The neck on the side

Blood vessels and nerves are widely distributed here, and the carotid sinus is relatively superficial and sensitive to external mechanical compression. A little careless, will produce cardiovascular reflex, resulting in the brain instantaneous blood supply insufficiency or interruption, individuals will even appear fainting, cardiac arrest and other extreme circumstances.

Collar bone side

Do not hit the front below the clavicle. This is a thin, muscular position from which the cervical spine emits from the brachial plexus, and a large artery.

Underarm and inner arm

This is an important position of the brachial plexus, and there's a lot of nerve tissue, but it's also weak and sensitive.

A protrusion of bone

Such positions as spine, ankle, elbow joint, tail vertebra, etc. have obvious bone protrusions or joints and their surroundings, which cannot be hit with Legiral Massage Gun, which is easy to cause pain and injury.

Knee and around

The knee is the most prone area for sports injuries, and Legiral Massage Gun is not recommended for and around the knee.

03 Proper use of Legiral Massage Gun

Follow the texture and direction of the muscle

The proposal looks for the texture map of a few muscles on the Internet, according to the trend of its whole can. For example, generally speaking, the chest muscles are horizontal and the leg muscles are vertical.

Appropriate force

Note that there is no need to exert strong force. Use Legiral Massage Gun head to press against muscle position and enhance infiltration and Massage effect through resonance.

To move slowly

Don't hit in the same position for too long. Move slowly and walk with a certain amount of thrust.

Choose a massage head

Choose the right massage head for different positions.

04 Choice of Legiral Massage Gun Head

Legiral Massage Gun is equipped with different Massage heads. Different brands have different Massage heads. Here, take Legiral's latest Massage Gun as an example to illustrate.

Air compression buffer head

The head is a new Legiral massage head and one of the most innovative on the market. It has a spring-like soft design, with a hollow interior and circulating air. This head cushion effect is obvious, easier to form muscle resonance, soft and comfortable effect, especially for soft tissue and sensitive muscle group relaxation, such as shoulder neck, abdomen, etc. It is also preferred for the elderly and children.

Large spherical head

Hollow inside, large acting area, suitable for pectoralis major, latissimus dorsi and other large muscle groups, home massage is also a good choice.

Small ball head

The function area is relatively small, the pressure is greater, suitable for massaging arms, waist back, buttocks, thighs, calves and other large muscle groups.

Flat head

Hard texture, strong force feedback, suitable for people who have a certain fitness foundation, suitable for the relaxation and plasticity of various muscle parts.

Cylinder head

Point massage, instead of finger massage, applies to the position of pain points, stays for no more than 15 seconds, the force is strong, suitable for impacting deep tissues, such as meridians, joints, palms and plantar.

U first

It is designed for the muscles on both sides of the spine and the Achilles tendon of the calf, avoiding sensitive positions that are prone to danger, and relaxing the use of the muscles on both sides.

It is recommended that you do not settle for a Massage Gun and choose brands with quality guarantee. Legiral stores have Massage guns suitable for different people. You can choose Legiral Massage guns as household Massage guns in your daily life.

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