AUGUST 25,2021

Do massage guns work?

Why do some people find massage guns useful and others say they don't? Because most people don't know how to use a massage gun. The use of massage gun is to know some "pre knowledge", if you just hold the massage gun to the body at will "strabs", naturally easy to come to the conclusion that "massage gun is useless". 

  For example, if we want to drive a car, we need to get a driver's license and learn how to drive. If we want to use barbells/dumbbells, we need to learn movement patterns and techniques first. If we use foam shafts or massage balls to release muscles, we need to know how to release them. When we use any item, we need to read the "instruction manual". Many people do not know the "instruction manual" of massage gun, so naturally come to the conclusion that it is "useless".

Knowledge before using a massage gun: fascia, muscles and trigger points

The fascia is a dense layer of connective tissue that runs through the body. It encloses muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. There are several layers of fascia, and they run all the way up and down the body.
When we talk about muscle, we usually mean skeletal muscle. Skeletal muscle is innervated by nerves. After exercise, the muscles can relax, but the nerves sometimes remain excited, which can lead to constant tension. So post-exercise release is particularly important.
Massaging guns are called fascia guns, and they're not just relaxing the fascia, but they're also relaxing the muscles and dealing with the Trigger Point.

In our daily life, we will find that some parts of our muscles are particularly tense. When pressed, the tension is higher and there is a certain "sour cool". This special "sour cool" part is sometimes called the "trigger point".
Simply put, a trigger point is a focal point for pain. Repeated pressing and pushing on the trigger point can soften the trigger point and reduce pain.

According to Travell, who developed the trigger point theory, the trigger point is "a point of excessive stress in skeletal muscle that is associated with highly sensitive palpable nodules in the taut zone. "Pressing on this point triggers classic referred pain, tenderness, motor dysfunction, and autonomic symptoms."
massage gun
Compared with hand pressing and pushing, massage gun has the advantage of strong penetration force, higher frequency, and more convenient operation for ordinary people.
If you want to use a massage gun, try to find the trigger points of the major muscle groups in various parts of your body. This will make you more productive.

Common methods and principles of massage gun

As mentioned earlier, massage guns are called fascia guns. In fact, they not only relax the fascia, but also relax the muscles and deal with the Trigger points.

Therefore, when using a massage gun, it is generally recommended to use two methods:
(1) Strafe (relaxes muscles and fascia)
massage gun

(2) Single point stay (for the trigger point, about 20-30s)

massage gun

 the use of massage gun principles

1: Only operate on soft tissues such as muscles, avoid bones and joints.
2: low frequency and then high frequency
3: when used for the first time, avoid hitting for a long time. The same part should not exceed 30 seconds to avoid bruising.
4: Find the muscle direction and trigger point before using the fascia gun.

the use of massage gun taboos

1: Patients with skin diseases, wounds and inflammation should follow the doctor's advice and use under the doctor's guidance.
2. Patients with pacemakers are not advised to use pacemakers.
3: Pregnant women and children are not recommended to use.

Build a simple understanding of the body

I suggest that you must have a simple understanding of your body before using a massage gun. I suggest that you must have a simple understanding of your body before using a fascia gun. I suggest that you must have a simple understanding of your body before using a massage gun. If it is not strong proprioception, not sensitive to pain points, only massage gun is difficult to find their trigger point. So for the average person, to use a fascia gun, I recommend four steps:

1: Touch the muscle and find the direction of the muscle fiber.
2: the feeling of tension, discomfort and pain in the muscle.
3: Take out the massage gun and fire along the muscle fibers!
4: Stick to the trigger point (20-30s or so) and then I will follow these four steps in the use of the massage gun.