How To Choose The Best Massage Gun?

How To Choose The Best Massage Gun? - Legiral

With the popularity of fitness exercises, there are many massage guns with different functions on the market. As a beginner, how to choose the best massage gun?

1. Massage Gun Power
How fast the head oscillates and the massage gun amplitude or depth at which the head moves. These two factors matter because it will dictate the overall comfort level of the massage.
Legira massage gun has 20 adjustable speeds which can provide 1200-3200 rpm percussions per minute.

2. Noise
A good fascia massage gun, its noise will be small. Legira massage gun is equipped with a high-torque brushless motor, not only can provide strong massage power which can reach as deep as 16 millimeters into your soft tissue but also provide you with a low-noise (35-55dB) massage environment.

3. Design
In the market, you’ll notice that massage guns run the gamut of different design. Some have handles, others are held by the battery. Some are modern and sleek, while others maintain a more utilitarian design.
Legiral massage gun has a very easy-to-operate LED control, you can easily adjust the speed and vibration level. Equipped with a portable suitcase so that you can relax your muscles anytime, anywhere.

4. Battery Life
With the few exceptions, most massage guns are cordless and come with Lithium ion batteries.
Legira muscle massager gun is equipped with a 2500mAh high-quality rechargeable lithium battery, ensures a 6 hours working time(low speed), takes 1.5-2 hours to be fully charged. Non-slip and ergonomic design make it easy to hold and use.

Hope this sharing can bring you some practical suggestions for choose a massage gun.

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