which people are suitable for massage gun?

which people are suitable for massage gun? - Legiral

Muscles are in a tense state for a long time and have not been relaxed. When the amount of exercise is overloaded, there may even be cramps, muscle pain, tenderness, swelling, and weakness. In severe cases, it is accompanied by symptoms of muscle dissolution, which occurs between exercises. You can try the massage gun to relax the muscles, relieve and release muscle pressure, and protect our health.


So which people are suitable for massage gun

  1. Sports crowd

Such as athletes, professional dancers, skateboarders, etc. The daily high-intensity training of professional sports people can easily cause contusions to muscles and bones. Therefore, professional sports people should pay special attention to sports rehabilitation. Massage guns can effectively massage muscle groups and relieve muscle contusions during exercise.

  1. Sedentary people

Such as office workers, e-sports players, professional anchors, etc. The reason why we are able to move freely mainly depends on the circulation of blood. However, if we sit for a long time, the amount of oxygen-carrying blood in the body will decrease, the partial pressure of oxygen will decrease, and the amount of carbon dioxide-carrying blood will increase, causing muscle soreness, stiffness, and Shrinking. The high frequency vibration of the massage gun can improve blood circulation and relieve muscle tension and pain

  1. Fitness crowd

Whether you are a professional HIIT, CrossFit fitness training group, or a beginner who likes fitness exercises, you will have muscle strain, tightness, soreness and other problems after exercise. Massage gun can improve local muscle pain points, which is very suitable for exercise. Then relax the muscles.

  1. Elders

Everyone knows that older people often suffer from backaches and backaches, which may be caused by muscle strain on the back. Massage by yourself is generally a bit difficult and the strength is not well mastered. The massage gun can improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, and relieve soreness.

  1. People recovering from injuries

Such as plantar fasciitis, sports strain, cramps in hands and feet, etc. These symptoms are often caused by inflammation or tension of local muscles. The massage gun relieves local muscle tension and contracture caused by tension pain and other symptoms by hitting the muscles of these parts.

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