How to use the massage gun in a right way?

How to use the massage gun in a right way? - Legiral

I believe that fitness people are no strangers to massage guns! After training, hit with a fascia gun to relax tight muscles, saving time and effort.


In fact, office workers use massage guns just like students. If you face the computer and mobile phone for a long time, if the posture is improper, it is easy to have shoulder and neck pain. Massage with a fascia gun for a few minutes to promote blood circulation, relieve soreness and comfort!


The massage gun is so useful, how to use it correctly?

  1. Posture

Try to stay in a relaxed and stable position when using muscle massage gun. For example, don't use the massage gun to relax your thighs while sitting in the air. You can put your thighs in a relatively stable place to relax, thereby improving the relaxation effect.

  1. Strength

In terms of strength, try not to just relax the fascia gun just against the skin. Let this strength penetrate a little bit to reach the muscle layer, and then stay for a while until resonance with the muscle occurs. Repeat the vibration more than ten times, and then Relax back and forth along this muscle

  1. Application area

The most suitable parts for self-relaxation are the muscles on the front and outside of the thigh. For example, for many small partners who have an imbalance in the internal and external muscles of the quadriceps, using a fascia gun to relax the tense part will have a good effect.


The method of application is very simple. After turning on the massage gun, place the massage head close to the muscles and vibrate back and forth.


When you encounter sore points, you can stay for about 30 seconds and focus on strengthening. 5-10 minutes each time is enough, preferably not more than 10 minutes.


The massage gun is easy to use, but there are still some key points to note:

  1. Do not touch or press the massage head during operation.
  2. Try to control the use time within 10 minutes to avoid too long.
  3. Try to use it on the large muscles of the body, such as the thighs, buttocks, the back of the cervical spine, and the trunk (except the ribs).
  4. Do not impact the joints. The fascia gun is generally only suitable for muscle and soft tissue. If you directly impact the joints, it is easy to cause joint damage. In short, you can clearly feel the bones or hard bumps, don't use them.
  5. Do not use these parts: underarms, chest and abdomen, arteries, wounds, and inflammatory areas.

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