what massage gun do chiropractors use?

what massage gun do chiropractors use?

Most masseurs have started to use massage guns in recent years, and massage guns have gradually entered people's daily lives. We can see in Google search that the search volume for massage guns has been rising rapidly in recent years. More and more people like to use massage guns, and there are more than 100 brands of massage guns.

Most traditional masseurs use manual massage. How to use a massage gun to replace manual massage is very important. A good massage gun is very important. Let’s take a look at the massage guns that masseurs often use.

1: Theragun
Theragun is the first brand to make massage guns into a commodity. His position in the massage gun industry is like Apple's position in the mobile phone field. Anyone who has used Theragun will be attracted by their exquisite craftsmanship. Their massage guns have excellent performance and good-looking appearance, which makes many sports stars like to use Theragun, and most of them are NBA stars. For masseurs, Theragun is undoubtedly a very good choice. The masseur uses the massage gun to serve the patient, so the massage gun of the masseur must be durable and have good performance, so that the patient can get good treatment.

Theragun is a massage gun that many masseurs like to use, but it also has some disadvantages. For example, the price is several times that of other massage guns. You have to spend a lot of money to buy it. If it is a large massage clinic, then you may need it. Buying several, which is undoubtedly a big expenditure, is a big burden for small clinics. So large rehabilitation centers will use Theragun, but small and medium-sized clinics will use other more cost-effective massage guns.

2: Hyperice
Hyperice is the second brand to launch a massage gun after Theragun. Its more innovative place is the appearance. The unique shape makes its massage gun look like a real gun. Its price is also cheaper than Theragun, mainly around US$200 to US$400. Hyperice's promotion method is similar to Theragun, inviting many sports stars to endorse their products. For masseurs, Hyperice is a good choice, strong power and excellent performance make it a good choice.

3: Legiral
Legiral is a young brand. Unlike Hyperice and Theragun, most of Legiral's products are priced between US$89 and US$119, because our market target is ordinary people, not athletes. For masseurs, legal may not be a particularly good choice, but it is a good choice that many masseurs introduce to customers, first because of its cheap price, and second because of its excellent performance. It has 20 speeds and a battery capacity of more than 3000mah. And legalal also launched a mini version of the massage gun, which is easy to carry. Legiral is loved by masseurs.


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