When you have a massage gun, what help can it bring to your body?

When you have a massage gun, what help can it bring to your body? - Legiral

Massage gun should be called muscle massager gun or thera guns , a massage physiotherapy tool for muscle fascia relaxation, high-frequency vibration massage relaxes and relieves muscle soreness caused by exercise.

Fascia is a layer of tight connective tissue that runs through the body. It surrounds muscles, muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. You can think of it as a spider web, the feeling of moving the whole body by pulling it.

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When our body continues to maintain a certain movement, the elasticity of the fascia will become worse, and gradually become more and more tense. When dehydration, adhesions, and contractures occur, a series of strains and lesions will appear. Changes and damage to the fascia are the main causes of muscle pain. The physical method of massaging promotes fluid exchange in the fascia and helps metabolism to relieve these adhesions and repair fascia damage directly and effectively. This shows that fascia relaxation is particularly important.
The high-frequency vibration of the massage gun is fast and effective, easy to operate, and effective, so it is loved by everyone.

So what help can it bring to your body?Following is the role of the massage gun:
1. Massage gun can loosen the thickened connective tissue and fascia and release the obstacles of fascia contraction;
2. Remove adhesions and internal scar tissue after injury or surgery;
3. Increase venous return and lymphatic circulation;
4. Improve muscle extensibility, especially when muscle cramps, stiffness and restriction, stimulate the reflex contraction of muscle fibers.

Such therapeutic massage helps to recover the body from the stress of strenuous exercise, and helps to regulate and rebuild training. Rehabilitation will remove metabolic waste and better nutrient cells, normalize and enlarge tissue elasticity, treat trigger points and speed up wound healing.

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